Length of schooling:Four years

DegreeBachelor of Science

Objectives a good work ethic and qualified humanities, who should systematically master the basic theories, knowledge and skills of nursing, certain natural sciences, public health and preventive medical knowledge, humanities and social sciences, who should have strong nursing practice and interpersonal skills, communicative ability, self-learning and critical thinking ability, who should have the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship and certain international vision, and can finally be hired as high-quality applied talents in nursing related work in various medical and health care institutions.

Main courses: Anatomy; Physiology; Biochemistry; Pharmacology; Pathogen biology and immunology; Pathology and pathophysiology; Health assessment; Nursing psychology; Nursing ethics and law; Fundamentals of Nursing; Internal medical nursing; Surgical nursing; Obstetrics and gynecology nursing; Pediatric nursing; Emergency nursing; Psychiatric nursing; Community nursing; Integrated nursing practice; Doctor-patient communication; Nursing management



Length of Schooling:Three years



Nursing: Clinical Nursing; Nursing Education; Community Nursing; Nursing Management

Nursing(Professional degree): Internal medicine nursing; Surgical nursing; Gynecology and obstetrics nursing; Pediatric nursing; Critical care nursing;  Elderly Nursing;  Community Nursing

Main Courses: English Dialectics of Nature Theory and Practice of Socialism with Chinese CharacteristicsMedical Statistics I Academic Norms and Laboratory Safety Pathology and PathophysiologyEvidence-Based Nursing Health Assessment and Clinical Nursing Thinking Advanced Nursing Practice Ability CultivationNursing Research Theory and PracticeConstruction and Application of Conceptual Framework; Nursing Leadership in the 21st Century: A Global call to caring(International  Course); Mid-term Assessment; Professional English; Professional Courses


1. Love the motherland, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, adhere to the four basic principles, abide by the law and discipline, behave well, have good medical ethics, and actively serve the socialist modernization.

       2. Master the broad basic theory and systematic expertise of nursing, and learn about new developments and cutting-edge research topics in this major.

       3. Have the ability to engage in scientific research or independently undertake certain specialized technical work, and be able to study and solve some theoretical and practical problems in this discipline.

       4. Have the teaching ability and scientific research ability to undertake teaching or research assistantship in this discipline.

       5. Master a foreign language and can read the foreign language materials of this major.

6. Have a healthy physique.


Length of SchoolingThree to six years