He Shanjun
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  Dr Shanjun He, a female, graduated from School of Sociology and Population Studies of the Remin University of China in 2005 and received a PhD in Sociology, whose tutor is a famous Sociologist Professor Hangsheng Zheng. She was a visiting scholar of Harvard University Asia Center between Oct.2009 and Oct.2010. Now she is a professor of China University of Political Science and Law, engaging in the teaching and researching work of Sociology of Law, social theory and social governance. She is an executive director of the third Professional Committee of Sociology of Law of Chinese Sociological Association.

  Teaching: Sociology of Law, Seminar of Law and Society, Theory of Western Sociology, The Social Stratification and Mobility, Topics in Sociology of Law, Chinese Society and Rule of Law and so on.

  Shanjun has solely published a significant number of Monographs and Textbooks, including Law and Non-political Public Fields, New Exploration of Sociology of Law: The Construction of Discipline Framework and Knowledge System, Taking up the Weapon of Law. She has directed and completed a National Social Science Project and many other projects. She has independently written and completed a research report named Chinese Social Risk Government Research: The Expansion of function of law in High-risk Society (around 220,000 characters) and published more than thirty academic papers (most of them included in CSSCI), with many essays reprinted in full by Xinhua Digest and Copies of Books and Newspapers of the Remin University of China.