Hou Jundan
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Research fields: history of Chinese social thought; historical sociology

Courses offered: Study on Chinese Society



2001.9-2005.7 Bachelor Department of philosophy, Peking University.

2005.9-2008.7 Master,Department of sociology, Peking University.

2010.9-2014.7 Doctor, Department of sociology, Peking University.

Professional experience:

2014.7-2018.10 Lecturer, Department of social work, Capital University of Economics and Business.

2018.10-,Associate Professor ,School of Social Sciences, China University of Political Science and Law


Hou Jundan, “Market, Town and Region: Modern Chinese Imagination of Early Yenching school -- Reflection on Chinho Investigation and Chinho experiment (1928-1937)”, sociological Sudies, 2018;(3)

Hou Jundan, “Knowledge Governance under Institutional change: Chinho Social Experiment of Early Yenching school”, Academia Bimestrie, 2017; (5).

Hou Jundan, “Rural Convention Reform and Expert Governance: a Brief Analysis of Cato Young's Rural Construction Thought”, Academic Exchange, 2016; (2).

Hou Jundan, “Reflection on Public Sentiment and Scholar's Social Transformation Action: the Practice and Dilemma of Conservatism of Wenzhou Yongjia School in the Late Qing Dynasty”, Chinese Journal of Sociology, 2015; (3).

Hou Jundan, “New Historiography and the Formation of China's Early Social Theory -- Taking Chen Fuchen's Historical Theory as an Example”, Sociological Sudies, 2014; (4).

Hou Jundan, “Chivalry and Popular Sentiment: Social Transformation in the Evolution of Local Militarization in the Middle of the 19th Century”, Chinese Journal of Sociology, 2014; (4).

Hou Jundan,“Reflection upon mores and the Reconstruction Movement: A dilemma of the Yongjia Conservatives during the Post-Taiping Restoration.” Chinese Journal of Sociology, 2017;3(2).

Research Projests:

Research on the Relationship between the Tradition of "Rural Governance" and the Development of Social Work during the Period of the Republic of China (15CSH064)