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Dai Li, PhD.

Associate Professor of Sociology Department, School of Sociology, China University of Political Science and Law

Research Focus: social stratification and mobility, computational social science, sociological thoughts in the traditional Chinese society



Peking University Sociology Dept. Ph.D. 2012 ~ 2017

Princeton University Sociology Dept. Visiting Student Research Collaborator 2015 ~ 2016

Peking University Yuanpei College B.A. 2008 ~ 2012

Peking University National School of Development B.A. 2009 ~ 2012


Associate Professor School of Sociology, China University of Political Science and Law  2020.11 ~

Product Analyst Product center of President’s office, TAL 2019.6 ~ 2020.7

Assistant Researcher School of New Media, PKU 2017.7 ~ 2019.6


2020 Li, Dai & Yizhen Wang,Uncertainty in College Admissions and Educational Attainment Differences: Evidence from a Chinese Province, Sociological Studies 3

2019b  Li, Dai, Limitations of Using Target-Location Survey Data in Understanding Educational Inequality: The Case of Beijing College Students Panel Survey, Sociological Review of China 3

2019c  Li, Dai, Early Reports on the Internet by People’s Daily: a Topic Model and Interpretation Package Perspective, Publishing Research, 1

2017a  Li, Dai, Educational Homogamy and Family Earnings Inequality in China: 1996 - 2012, Chinese Journal of Sociology 3

2017b Li, Dai, Threshold Dependent Inequality Caused by Education Expansion: The Case of National College Entrance Examination, Sociological Studies 3

2017c  Li, Dai, The influence of Clan Public Goods on the Intergenerational Distribution of Land in Traditional Chinese Society, Journal of Social Development 3

2016 Li, Dai & Chunni Zhang, Migrating Together or Staying Behind? An Empirical Research on Household Arrangement during Rural-urban Migration, Sociological Studies 5

Conference papers

2019 Li,Dai, Yizhen Wang, Yanqing Ding, Stratified inequality in meritocratic selection: ethnic inequality in higher education in China, American Sociological Association Annual Meeting.

2014 Li, Dai, A new cycle: understanding the current life course of rural families in western China, XVIII International Sociological Association World Congress of Sociology.