Meng Qingyan
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Personal profile

Date of birth: August 1984

Hometown: Tianjin

Teaching school: School of Sociology, China University of Political Science and Law

Title: Associate Professor, Doctoral Supervisor

Academic part-time job: As a reviewer for academic journals such as "Society" and "Sociological Review of China"

Education background

Department of Sociology, Nanjing University | Undergraduate,2003.09-2007.07

School of Sociology, CUPL | Postgraduate,2007.09-2010.07

Department of Sociology, Tsinghua University | PhD,2010.09-2014.07

Career experience

School of Sociology, CUPL, Beijing, China, 2014.07-present

Offer courses

Undergraduate: Historical Sociology; Political Sociology; Chinese Political System in Past Dynasties; Contemporary Chinese Society; Seminar on Sociology Theory; History of Chinese Social Thought

Postgraduate: Topics in Historical Sociology; Topics in Political Sociology; Sociological Methodology; Sociological Qualitative Research Methods

Administration Position

Vice Dean of the School of Sociology,

Research situation

Paper publication

1. Meng Qingyan, Subsistence Ethic and Collectivity Logic:A sociological analysis of “Daoqianhu” phenomenon in the period of agricultural collectivization, Sociological Study, 2012, 000(006):172-191.

2. Meng Qingyan, Idea, Tactics and Practice: Analysis of Mao Zedong’s Early Rural Investigation from the Perspective of Historical Sociology, Sociological Study, 2018, 033(004):1-27.

3. Meng Qingyan, Thought, Custom, and Institution: The Sociological Implication of Chen Yinque's Historical Research, Society, 2020,40(05):34-62.

4. Meng Qingyan, Who is in the Center of the Stage? Public Sentiment and Politics in crosstalk, Society, 2019,39(04):1-34.

5. Meng Qingyan, The Land Revolution in China from the Academic History Perspective: Changes of Topics and Paradigms, Society, 2013,33(02):208-232.( Reprinted in Renmin University of China Newspapers and Periodicals, "Modern History of China", Issue 6, 2013)

6. Meng Qingyan, Quantification of Social Class in the Chinese Communist Land Reform: “The School of Counting” in Communist Party's Land Revolution, Society, 2016,36(04):40-75.

7. Meng Qingyan, The Peasant Movement School in Communist Party’s Early Rural Revolutionary Practice, Society, 2017,37(03):180-214.

8. Meng Qingyan, Party, Politics and Policy:The Multi-Logic of “Rich Peasants Problem” in the Early CCP Revolution, Society, 2018,38(05):70-105.

9. Meng Qingyan, Revolution in Soviet Areas and Local Society: A New Probe into the Origin of the Land Investigation Movement, Open Times, 2015, 000(006):82-103.

10. Meng Qingyan, From Body Technology to Autocratic State: Elias' Historical Sociology Path, Academia Bimestrie, 2020(04):91-98.

11. Meng Qingyan, From "micro-mechanism" to "the Origin and Development": the strength, limitation and transform of oral history research tradition from the perspective of academic history, Academia Bimestrie, 2018(03):46-53.

12. Meng Qingyan, Classical Roots and Contemporary Paths: Historical Sociology as an Overall Perspective, Social Sciences in Guangdong, 2018, 000(006):173-185.

13. Meng Qingyan, The Local Practice of Historical Sociology: Theories, Issues, and Methods of “the Origin and Development” Research, Social Sciences in Guangdong, 2020(03):193-203.

14. Meng Qingyan, The "non-methodological" aspect of historical sociology and its "methodological" meaning, Tianjin Social Sciences, 2019(3).

15. Meng Qingyan, Research on the History of the Chinese Communist Party System from the Perspective of Sociology: Theoretical Tradition and "Question Awareness", CPC History Studie, 2019, 247(01):43-49.

16. Meng Qingyan, From "Revolution" to "Continuing Revolution"——A Historical Sociology Investigation of the Agricultural Cooperative Movement in West Village, China Studies, 2011, 000(001):P.116-133,244.

17. Meng Qingyan, Land, Exploitation and Class: Chen Hansheng's Research on South China Rural Areas Revisited, Academic Exchange, 2016(02):138-143.

18. Meng Qingyan, Book Review: "The Morality and Politics in the History of Village Trial", China Scolarship, 2012,32

19. Meng Qingyan, The Land Revolution in China from an academic history perspective: Changes of topics and paradigms, Chinese Journal of Sociology,2015;1(3)

20. Meng QingyanGenesis and undertaker of ‘quantification of social class’: On the technocrats in the early stage of the Chinese Communist Party’s land revolutionChinese Journal of Sociology,2019;1(5)

Research Project

1. Presided over the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Research Youth Fund Project "Restudy of the Agrarian Revolution in the Central Soviet Area from the Perspective of Political Sociology (1927-1934)" (closed)

2. Presided over the general project of the National Social Science Fund "Research on the Localization Paradigm of Historical Sociology" (in research)

Teaching and research awards

1. Visiting scholars in the 9th phase of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Peking University

2. Awarded the 8th "Ten Teachers Most Popular among Undergraduates" by China University of Political Science and Law

3. Won the first Young Teacher Award of China University of Political Science and Law (9 people in the school)

4. Won the third prize of the 17th Young Teacher Award of Higher Education Institutions by Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation

5. Qian Duansheng young scholar of China University of Political Science and Law

6. Zheng Gang Sociology Visiting Scholar of Nanjing University in 2019

7. The doctoral dissertation won the excellent doctoral dissertation of Tsinghua University

8. Awarded by the 5th Hope Elite Young Scholars Training Program of the Global Times Charity Foundation