Yang Qingmei
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Personal Information

Name: Yang Qingmei

Nationality: PR China

e-mail: qingmei_yang@163.com


2016 - present  Associate Professor, School of Sociology, China University of Political Science and Law

2013 - 2016  Associate Researcher, National Institute of Social Development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

2011 – 2013   Assistant Researcher, National Institute of Social Development, CASS

2009 - 2011  Postdoc, Institute of Sociology, CASS

Educational Background

2006 – 2009 PhD in Anthropology, Minzu University of China, Beijing

2003 – 2006 Master in Anthropology, Guangxi University for Nationalities, Guangxi

1999 – 2003 Undergraduate Studies, Guangxi University, Guangxi

Research Expertise

1) intellectual history, including Fei Xiaotong, the ‘Yenching school’, and the debates between ‘Yenching school’ and ‘Academia Sinica’

2) political and economic anthropology, including the land system of Sipsongpanna and social change in rural China, Confucian and non-Confucian value systems


2017. 7-2017.8 Gutian County, Fujian Province

2012. 1-2012.3 Sipsongpanna Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province

2009. 9-2009.12 Sipsongpanna Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province

2008.1 Dayao Mountains, Guangxi Province

2007. 6 Kangding County, Sichuan Province

Other Work Experience

2006 - 2010 part-time editor of Chinese Review of Anthropology;

Resident Assistant Research Fellow of the Research Center for Theory and Methodology of Ethnology and Anthropology, Minzu University of China

Awards & Honors:

The Husheng Youth Academic Award (2015)


1.“Land, Labor and Modernization: A Comparison of Fei Xiaotong and R.H.Tawney”, Sociological Studies, Vol.35, No.4

2.“The Analysis of the Economic-Anthropological Studies by the ‘Yenching School’ duaring the ‘Kuige’ Period”, Sociological Review of China, Vol. 7, No. 4.

3.“Magic, Character and Civilization: Tao Yunkui’s Ethnographical Studies on Divination in Southwest China”, Journal of Southwest Minzu University, No.12

4.“Yenching School’s Approach and Application of Sociology of Knowledge : A Comparative Study Around Wu Wenzao, Fei Xiaotong and Li’ Anzhai”, Society, Vol.35, No.4.

5.“‘Volksgiest’ in Culture and History: Tao Yunkui and the German Gene of Chinese Anthropology”, Society, Vol.33, No.2.

6.“From the Perspective of Duality of Religion System to Analyze the Duality of Sipsongpanna Society: A Religious Anthropological Study on Mythology and Rituals”, Journal of Yunnan Nationalities University, Vol.29, No.4.

7.“The History of Intellectual’s Mind: Inquiring Fei Xiaotong’s Community Study and Ethnic Study From the Perspective of Ethnos ”, Sociological Studies, vol.25, No.4.

8.The Last Gentry: A Chinese Anthropological Historical Study of Fei Xiaotong as A Case, Beijing: The World Book Inc..

Conference Presentations:

2013. “Dual Time System in Sipsongpanna: A Study of the Representation of Time in Religions and the Local Society”, Presented at the International Colloquium of “Time and Complexity: Calendars of the World”, Held by National Museum of Anthropology, 9th-11th January, Mexico City

2011. “Buddha and the God of Meng, Self and the Other in Sipsongpanna”, Presented at the conference of “Light and Shadow in East Asia: Health, Wealth and Hungry Ghost”, Held by International Forum of Association for East Asian Anthropology,8th-11th September, Osaka, Japan

External Funding

“The Theories and Methology of “Yanching School” on Rural Social Transition”, supported by National Social Science Found in China, 2018