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Personal profile

Yu Yue, male, Doctor.

Department of psychology, School of Social Sciences, China University of political science and law.

Research fields: personality and social psychology, management psychology, health psychology.

Courses offered: social psychology, deviant sociology, personality psychology, psychological research methods, organizational behavior, mental health of college students, human resource management, and psychological film appreciation.

E-mail: yuypsy@163.com

Educational background

Bachelor Degree. Sociology and social work, School of humanities, Beijing University of technology, 2006-2010.

Master Degree. Department of psychology, School of education, Capital Normal University, 2012-2015.

Doctor Degree. Key Laboratory of mental health, Institute of psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2015-2018.


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1.The Ministry of science and technology 863 Project: the establishment of a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and prediction system for sub-health status in China.(2015-2017).

2.Projects funded by the Natural Science Foundation: the prediction of the performance of different six occupational factors for different occupational groups.(2015-2017).

3.Special projects of the Ministry of Education: early training of innovative talents.(2015-2016).

4.Innovation fund of China University of political science and Law: Research on parenting and family happiness in a two child family.(2020-2022).

5.Young teachers funding program of China University of political science and law.(2020-2022).

6.The construction of Ideological and political course of China University of political science and law: social psychology.(2020-2022).