Li Huairui
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Li Huairui, male, PhD, born in July 1989, from Shandong.

Lecturer, Department of Social Work and Social Policy, School of Sociology, China University of Political Science and Law.

Research fields: Philanthropy; Social Innovation and Rural Revitalization; Social Policy


Education background:

2015.9-2018.7 Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Doctor of Sociology;

2012.9-2015.7 Beijing Normal University, Master of Anthropology

Career experience:

2018.7-2020.7 School of Public Administration, Tsinghua University, Postdoc

Academic papers:

Li Huairui. Why Does Institution Fail? Multiple Logics of Organ Allocation Justice. Sociological Studies, 2020(1).

Deng Guosheng & Li Huairui. Scenario Construction, Institutional Endogenization and Self-Governance: An Innovative Path for Nonprofit Organizations to Participate in Rural Governance, Academia Bimestrie, 2019(6).

Li Huairui, Tian Siyu, Deng Guosheng. Risk-Capability Coupling: A Study of Distributive Justice in Poverty Alleviation. Journal of Huazhong Agricultural University(Social Sciences Edition), 2020(3).

Li Huairui & Deng Guosheng. A Review of Researches on the Transformation of Rural Development Strategy in the New Era. Ningxia Social Sciences, 2020(3).

Li Huairui. The logic of mutual benefit between subsidized foundations and grassroots organizations: Taking China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation as an example. Expanding Horizons, 2018(1).

Li Huairui & Ge Daoshun, Is organ transplantation really successful? Post-transplant Dilemma of Organ Transplant Recipients and Its Strategies. Shandong Social Sciences, 2018(7).

Li Huairui & Deng Guosheng. From “Gift” to “Sharing”: An Explanation Path for Human Organ Donation. Medicine and Society, 2020(11).

Li Huairui. Combination of Medical Care and Elderly Care from the Perspective of Co-Governance: Based on the Investigation of a Nursing Home without Wall. Journal of Anhui Academy of Governance, 2018(3).

Research projects:

2017-2018 China Charity Federation "Bamboo Forest Project" funded project: Research on the cultural and charitable value of human organ donation in China;

2019-2020 China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, 65th batch of general funding projects: Cultural consciousness and cultural system construction of human organ donation in China