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associate professor

Email jadefancy.love@163.com

Educational qualification

MA, Sociology, China University of Political Science and Law

PhD, Sociology, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Research interests

Social Theory, Moral philosophy

Courses taught

Qualitative Research Methods, Family Sociology, Contemporary Theories of Western Sociology, Novels in Early Modern Times

Selected publications

1、Lu, Y. (2020). Authority and Liberty: Hume on Mixed Government, Journal of Social Theory.

2、Lu, Y. (2019). Defoe and Individuals in Early Modern Times, Shanghai Review of Books.

3、Lu, Y. (2018). Sympathy and Utility: Hume’s Moral Science, Sociological Study.

4、Lu, Y. (2018). Returning to Historical Context: On David Hume’s Thoughts of Civil Society, Journal of Social Theory..

5、Lu, Y. (2017). Impression and Idea in the Formation of the Society: Hume’s Criticism of Social Contract Theories, Academia Bimestris.  

6、Lu, Y. (2017). Transformation of Tradition and Reconstruction of Individual: Robinson Crusoe's Departure, Reform and Return, Chinese Journal of Sociology.

7、Lu, Y. (2017). Equity and Tolerance: On Daniel Defoe’s Thoughts of Society, Journal of Social Theory.

8、Lu, Y. (2015). Montesquieu's Society: A different Attempt from the Modern Natural Law Tradition, Sociological Study, Sociological Study.

9、Lu, Y. (2015). From Locke to Hume: The Turning Direction of English Political Thoughts, Chinese Journal of Sociology.

10、Lu, Y. (2015). Human Nature and Society: The Concept of PRINCIPLE in Montesquieu’s Social Theory, Academic Research.

11、Lu, Y. Robinson Crusoe's Departure, Reform and Return. In Social Theory. Beijing: The Commercial Press, 2020.

Research grants

2017: A Study on Moral Sentiment Thoughts of England in Early Modern Times and its Significance in Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Fund of MOE

2017: Imagination and Passion: A Study On the Moral Basis of Modern Western Society, Scientific Research Youth Fund of CUPL


Youth Award for Outstanding Contributions to Scientific Research of CUPL

Member of Academic Innovation Team of CUPL